Learning about change

This is a story I did in late 2016 at the beginning of the end of school boards.

What is not stated in the article is that I was told the motion from within the Liberal Party came strongly from the Halifax Regional School Board catchment area but I could not quote the source (and still can’t but I can mention that fact here).

The Education Department did comment “we’re not responding because we don’t have to – what happens at political level doesn’t reflect what’s happening here” so I did a FOIPOP and that came up empty of noted discussion at the Deputy Minister level.

Full disclosure: I’ve learned and continue to learn more things as a reporter talking with others more than my experience as a parent. I’ve had good dealings and resolutions with AVRSB administration over a few things that happened at the school level, but I’ve never had to deal with the elected board on a personal level so I have no experience to base an opinion.

I have had to deal with a lot of parent frustration over elected boards around the province, especially over the school closure process.

These matters are ending up in court because parents and people in school communities are so frustrated over the local politics of those. Two judicial reviews in SSRSB and another in the Strait area trying to bring about a private prosecution in the past year. Those are not the solution either and very hard on those communities. The fact they are opting for an expensive court process after an emotional board process is telling.

I’m still digesting the Glaze report but I’m finding it to be genuine in its attempt to rectify identified problems within school governance and administration by proposing solutions that don’t seem to be all that expensive to implement. I’d have to see some costs associated and perhaps we’ll get more information as time goes on.

No one entrenched in the system is going to welcome it, however.